July 22, 2019

Bad Marriage in Astrology

What are indications of bad marriage or no marriage based on Vedic Astrology?


Sharing few important things which indicate bad marriage or no marriage:

First, second, fifth and eighth house play crucial role in marriage, married life.

  1. Lagna chart – Seventh house and its ruler afflicted or in paap-kartari. Indicates delayed or bad marriage.
  2. Moon chart – seventh house ruler badly placed confirms above things.
  3. Finally Venus, planet of romance, love and marriage is in bad nakshahtra or having bad yogas with uranus, neptune, saturn or mars, ketu. It confirms No marriage or very bad marriage.
  4. Mahadasha and Antardasha of planet impacts married life and gives certain direction to it.


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  1. Venus in first house: shows personality traits of groom or bride. Planets like Venus shows happy, flexible person with strong desire for physical relationship. Venus with Rahu and any aspect by bad planet indicates unhappy marriage due to trust issue.
  2. Venus/Jupiter in fourth house: Harmonious relations with family members, if these planets well placed and aspected by good planets.  Home is well equipped with good facilities/amenities.
  3. Venus in fifth house: artistic mind, loves movies, drama, art. Interested in betting, satta etc. easily dives into love affair.
  4. Venus in seventh house: well placed Venus indicates happy married life and good partner/husband/wife. Spends much on their partner.  Venus with Saturn indicates sperm related issue in male, issue while conceiving in female.


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