August 24, 2019

Benefits of using Gemstone Pearl

Benefits of using Gemstone Pearl/Moti:

Most of us might remember that during our father, grand-father time, men and women used to wear pearl or red coral without much knowledge of Astrological aspect of it. But they knew for sure that it would be useful for mental and physical stability. It would be useful to balance energy of weak Moon.



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As Moon controls our mind, Vedic Astrology gives utmost importance to Moon. Especially new Moon, full Moon have quite big positive impact on our mind, mother and fortune.   

To improve physical and mental well-being, several remedies are shared in Vedic astrology like doing mediation, Upasana, mantra chanting, using gemstone or metal etc. Yogi Paramhansa Yoganand used certain metal to cure his disciple’s critical health issue, as in book “Autobiography of Yogi”. Doing meditation consistently gives slow but long-lasting effects on our mind and body. But many people do not have much time to do that, for those Gemstone would be like small instant fix at certain extent.


Pearl as a remedy:

In the beginning of my consultation days, one lady came for trouble with anger management, wavering mind. Due to that, her professional and family life (specially relationship with mother) was quite disturbed. I suggested her to wear Pearl in little finger. When She called to share positive effect of wearing Pearl for one year, I felt good. It confirmed my belief about gemstone.


Benefits of wearing Pearl:

  • To improve mental power and stability
  • Useful to students for better concentration and focus
  • Temperamental issues and anger management
  • Helps fight mental depression, agony and negative thoughts
  • To control wavering mind and to make peace with self

If we can improve above aspects, our life certainly can be changed, we will have better control of life. We can be more fortunate and successful.


Gemstone Pearl weight:

Expert Astrologer would be able to determine the proper weight based on Individual.

How to wear Pearl:

Individual should wear Pearl ring (in Silver metal) in little finger or ring finger of working hand. Individual should wear it on Monday before sunrise, after performing proper cleansing, puja and mantra chanting for at least 11 times (108 times would be better).  Mantra: Om Som Somay Namah!


                                          Shubham Bhavatu!