July 22, 2019

Interesting Facts about KalSarpa Yoga in Astrology

Interesting Facts about Kaal Sarpa Yoga:


Since my childhood I heard so much about KaalSarpa Yoga, and Dosha Nivaran process, I became curious about it. When I started learning Vedic Astrology, started gathering information about it from several Gurus/astrology experts. Even I met several people who performed Dosha Nivaran process, but Individual still suffering after that. It is important to know that why people are suffering due to KaalSarpa Yoga and what’s the root cause. We will try to understand it in bit detail.  

Astronomically, Rahu and Ketu denote the points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they move on the celestial sphere. Rahu is north node and Ketu is south node.

KaalSarpa Yoga give obstacles in progress of Jaatak. I found Kaal Sarpa Dosha in horoscopes of great people like Sachin Tendulkar, Dhirubhai Ambani. But they became famous and successful due to their hard work and will power. When all the planets are located between Rahu and Ketu in a horoscope, it forms ‘Kaal Sarpa Yoga’ for that Jaatak. Other strong benefic yogas can help native to overcome the obstacles.

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I will share some details and impact with respect to Rahu and Ketu in Horoscope. I hope it would be useful for individuals to understand it properly and handle the situation accordingly.


Rahu in First and Ketu in seventh House:

Strong Rahu and other benefic yogas gives power in career. Jaatak might be over ambitious, revengeful. Ready to do anything to achieve goal. Attractive personality. Can cause mental depression, instability.

 ‘Ananth Kaal sarp yoga’ causes wrong decision and native’s married life might be troublesome. 


Rahu in Second and Ketu in eighth House:

Abnormal thinking about earning. Illogical family problems. Might have some issue while talking. ‘Kulik Kaal sarp yoga’ – Native will face trouble in earning, accidents and death like situation.


Rahu in Third and Ketu in ninth House:

Seeks to be recognized as special and important in communicative roles. If Rahu is strong, then good for monetary gains.

‘Vaasuki Kaal sarp yoga’ causes low confidence, troubles with sibling and neighbors. Obstacles in foreign journey.


Rahu in Fourth and Ketu in tenth House:

Person with Rahu in fourth has stressful home affairs. Possibility of somebody mentally retarded at home. Better not to buy home on his name. ‘Shankhpal Kaal sarp yoga’ causes severe impact on mother’s health, several issues with career.  


Rahu in fifth and Ketu in eleventh House:

‘Padma Kaal sarp yoga’ causes problems with business, speculation, child, relationship with friends.


Rahu in Sixth and Ketu in twelfth House:

Strong Rahu and other benefic yogas overcome enemies and obstacles with good strategies. Weak Rahu shows difficulty in finding solution to disease and health issues. Would be good to take opinion of two doctors. Rahu and Mangal indicates harm from servants.

‘Maha padma kaal sarpa yoga’ – Enemies at workplace, chances of isolation and imprisonment.


Rahu in seventh and Ketu in first House:

Defective moral values. Rahu-Mercury (Budh) indicates divorce, extra marital affairs. ‘Takshaka Kaal sarpa yoga’ causes issues due to bad marriage.


Rahu in Ninth and Ketu in third House:

Person may be spiritual and like to go on pilgrimage, seen people with extreme thoughts about religion and culture. Strong Rahu gives abroad trip chances.

‘Shankhchood Kaal sarp yoga’ – problem/delay with foreign journey.


Rahu in tenth and Ketu in fourth House:

Strong Rahu with other benefic yogas give power in any position in career/business. Good for bribe related matters.

‘Ghatak Kaal sarp yoga’ – unstable/problematic career/profession.


Rahu in eleventh and Ketu in fifth House:

Strong Rahu with benefic yogas give good gains/promotion/recognition through any career/business. Fulfills all desires of individual. Good for illegal activities and bribe related matters.

‘Vishadhar Kaal sarp yoga’ – troubles from friends/elder brother or sister. Unstable mind causes issue in business.


Rahu in twelfth and Ketu in sixth House:

Possibility of mental issue, stress. Should work on balanced thinking, illusion issue. With good awareness, chance to become spiritual guy, interested in occult science, astrology, palmistry etc. Might be useful for foreign stay.  

‘Sheshanaag Kaal sarp yoga’ – extravagant, not able to control his expenditure on unnecessary things. Health issues, lonely.


Mahadasha and Antardasha along with other planetary combinations can change above effects positively or negatively in some extent.


                                       Shubham Bhavatu!