July 22, 2019

Marriage Counselling through Vedic Astrology

Marriage Counselling through Vedic Astrology:



As per some survey about married life in western country, around 30% marriages fail either due to divorce or bad relationship. It’s mainly due to compatibility issue. Do we have something to check before marriage, whether it’s a good match or not….? 


Horoscope has 12 houses. Each house indicates something important about life. 7th House indicates marriage, partner, married life. Today I will share some insights with you about marriage though Vedic astrology knowledge.


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Match making based on 36 points system would be beneficial to both parties if they don’t know each other. It’s just first step to check compatibility. Good astrologer should check both charts to make sure their thought process, personality, married life longevity, individual life longevity, separation chances etc. based on 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th house.


Many people are curious about Nadi matching whether it really works.

Aadya Nadi: People with Vaat prakruti

Madhya Nadi: Pitta Prakruti

Antya Nadi: Kapha Prakruti

It would be advisable to check blood group and other related things to avoid issue during conceiving/pregnancy, in case nadi is same.


Knowing all these before marriage, would be helpful to both girl and boy to see pros and cons to make better choice. Unnecessary hassles can be avoided which can cause severe damage to married life.


Sometimes couple has to marry due to parent’s wish, cultural pattern, even though their horoscope not matching at all. Even in this scenario, marriage counselling can help a lot to make it better. Vedic astrology can help to find practical remedies for any marriage issues.


I had a client with some issues with married life due to their in-laws. Couple reached to critical point due to that. Based on their horoscopes, I suggested them to remain calm for two months and then to start resolving it using marriage counselling through Vedic astrology. They were through. There are always space to make efforts, not everything is defined.


I will share some astrology facts which can make or break married life with some useful practical remedies. Not able to share all planet yogas which impacts married life, due to time constraint.   


First House: shows personality traits of groom or bride. Planets like Venus shows happy, flexible person with strong desire for physical relationship. Venus with Rahu and any aspect by bad planet indicates unhappy marriage due to trust issue.

2/4 House: Shows family life and setup in house, co-ordination with family members.

Fifth House: shows Passion, Love, kids, hobbies. It has very strong impact on married life. Placement of the ruler defines the fruit.

Seventh House: directly related to happiness through marriage, love marriage, partner. Placement of the ruler indicates what direction it can go.

Eighth House: Separation, divorce


Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Venus placement in certain Nakshatra/Constellation tells much more about person and married life.        

Venus – marriage and semen related issues.

Mars – sexual drive and fertility


Mahadasha and Antardasha of 1st, 7th house ruler show marriage possibility, important events in marriage.

 Getting married in Sade-Sati is not advisable, as it might jeopardize married life. Starting important event on good note or at good time is quite important. Consultation and counselling can be useful in bad marriage, match making, delayed marriage, denial of marriage, divorce/separation, bad relations, obstacles in love marriage. We can definitely make life better with our proper efforts.  


                         Shubham Bhavatu!