July 31, 2019

Medical and Health Astrology

                                                        Medical and Health Astrology:

Many people approach Astrologers for issues related to job, career, finance, investment and sometimes for marriage, match making etc. But generally, they avoid asking about their health, disease or general well-being. During mid-life, we start realizing importance of health. Then we start realizing that Health is quite important to enjoy Wealth. Here, Vedic astrology can be of great help in analysis and detecting physical and mental issues. Even it can be helpful to choose appropriate timing for surgery, to decide whether current therapy is right or wrong, what can be expected after treatment.

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Basically, Vedic Astrology cannot replace Medical science and vice versa, but it can definitely help to make better decisions if circumstances are not that clear, as mentioned in below experience.

Last year I had a lady client, having issue related to pregnancy. She was trying IVF and other treatments for several years. When I checked her horoscope, I found that due to severe heat in stomach and indigestion issue, it’s not that easy for her to conceive. I was surprised to know that before IVF, her proper well-being and physical fitness were not considered. For pregnancy related query, we must consider that Venus and Mars are important for fertility and sperm efficiency.

Continuous stress for several years can convert into any critical health issue. Horoscope indicates if any individual going through stressful time due to afflicted lagnesh, moon, mercury. There are remedies to handle that situation, if we analyze it properly. Bad planet in first house absorb negativity quickly making individual stressful, depressed.

Generally, any health issue is not caused due to single reason but due to several things like bad routine, eating processed/junk food, laziness etc. Same way several planetary combinations indicate health issue. But sixth Saturn can help us analyze whether issue is chronic.

Weak Moon and Mercury are primary causes of mental illness. In that case individual should drink adequate water to maintain fluidity in body and eat good amount of green vegetables.

We are very critical of ourselves, to the point where we are even our own enemies. Meditation is a way of making up that battle, of accepting ourselves, making friends with ourselves.

I will share some astrological insights about depression, hormonal changes in next article.       

                                                                Shubham Bhavatu!