April 12, 2019

Impact of Sade sati during 2019 on Vrishchik, Dhanu, Makar Rashi

Impact of Sade Sati of Saturn for 2019: Vrishchik, Dhanu, Makar Rashi(Moon sign : Scoprio, Sagittarius, Capricorn)

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Sade Sati consumes seven years out of every 28-29 year cycle. The average person can have maximum 3-4 cycles of Sade sati. It makes us practical, real and it removes the illusion, imaginary strings from our world and show you the bitter reality. But most of us are afraid of reality and that is why we all are not that comfortable with Saturn.

Superstitious people assume that it’s going to be tough, stressful, going to lose beloved things. But it’s not like that. With help of modern education, awareness, spiritual practice, anybody can prepare well for sudden sorrow, discomfort and grief.

The people who does not change as per time, will have tough time handling Sade sati. Just open your arms and ask universe to throw any situation at you.

You might have lack of support, less resources, but keep walking until you reach end of tunnel. Every problem has solution lying within. Be ready for new opportunity.


Sade sati for Vrishchik Rashi (Scorpio):

Natives of Vrishchik rashi are in last phase of Sade sati during 2019. You have learnt lot during last 5-6 years. And might have made some good changes to your life based on health issues, financial setbacks faced during last few years.

Be patient and calm, soon you will be out of most of things due to your planning. Saturn will move to Makar rashi giving you relief and joy in January 2020.

Next few months, May, June, July, August of 2019 might put you into some turbulent phase. Precaution and planning required for financial investment, expenditure. Avoid investing into new ventures.

Follow all rules while driving, avoid rash driving. Talk with utmost respect with your colleagues, boss, family members, otherwise you might have to put lot of time to clear misunderstanding.

Last quarter of the year will be better in all aspects.


Sadesati for Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius): 2019

2019 will be last year of second phase of Sade Sati for Dhanu rashi natives. Second quarter of 2019 will give some good insights into ongoing issues, use it wisely. Saturn will mostly give malefic results during 2019.

Avoid consuming junk and unhealthy food, it might have adverse effects on your body. Quarrelsome and unpleasant events with family members will disturb you, you may not be able to resolve it immediately. But give some time and handle with patience.

Sudden changes in foreign trips, transfer, work profile might shock you. Plan accordingly.

Issues with business partner mainly due to no agreement on goals will leave some imminent mark in your path. Try to resolve it professionally. Some natives might have to break partnership due to their aggressive behaviour.


Sade sati for Makar Rashi (Capricorn): 2019

During 2019, Makar rashi natives going through first phase of Sade sati. You have been following certain principles, ethics to accomplish your goal. And it was fruitful due to your hard-working and no-nonsense nature.

But adapting to modern age, new technologies are going to be key to success in future. Listen to your inner voice, don’t let it clutter. Meet expert, experienced people to resolve the problems.

Second and third quarter of 2019 will be full of events. You might wander to find out the truth. Improperly thought out financial plans will be in trouble. Financial burden will increase.

Your pre-occupied mind would make you less efficient to handle ongoing affairs. Never ever ignore any health issue during current year.

Give sufficient time for check-ups, exercise. Meditation would help in great extent.

Job loss, transfer, hectic schedule at work might frustrate you. You might have feeling of discontent, depression, then talk to your friends, family members.

Don’t worry if small gains, small profits with bit delay is the output of your ventures. Don’t lose hope. Next year would help you to settle issues and stabilize the process.

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