August 28, 2022

Monthly Forecast – September 2022

Monthly Prediction/Rashi Bhavishya – September 2022(moon sign or lagna/ascendant)


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Note: – Intensity of event depends upon planetary position/strength in your natal chart. 


At the beginning of month; Jupiter + Neptune will be in Pisces, Sun + Venus in Leo, Mars in Taurus, Mercury in Virgo, Saturn + Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries.

Sun will transit to Virgo on 17th September.

Venus will transit to Virgo on 24th September.

Neptune will transit to Aquarius on 11th September.   


You feel quite passionate; but don’t take sudden, risky decisions.

Listen to your seniors in office. Colleagues will be helpful. People staying abroad will enjoy more stability.

Some might meet their life partner. 

You might have pay attention to your father’s health.   

Home maker –    

Watch your words. You might make good progress in health department.

Student –  

You might shine in sports activity. Don’t be critical about anything. 



Good time to purchase property, new vehicle, job switch. There might be delay in foreign trip. You will have good gains.

Professionals can plan to get any certification, complete course.

Some might get promotion.

Unmarried can have good marriage proposals.   

Home maker –  

You might plan to work on interior of house. Kids will be great.

Student –  

It cannot be better than this; just make sure, you are on right track. 



Jupiter and Mercury are giving you positive energy to handle career front and home front nicely. You will maintain good stability in both areas.

During second half, you must try to control your anger otherwise you will end up damaging your image at home and office.

Make sure, you spend quality time with good friends.  

Home maker –  

You would need patience to handle home affairs. Try to understand that not everyone can be on the same page.

Student –  

Don’t worry about the failure. Be persistent with study routine.



You have to put good efforts to earn money. Avoid clashes with friends in money matters.  Small trips, foreign trips would be fruitful. Try to maintain good spiritual practices; it will guide you in difficult times.

More opportunities flow your way. This is the time to make relationship better with siblings.

Good time to sign new contracts.

Home maker –  

You will plan to make some financial arrangements for home. You may plan to buy new property. No need to tackle each and every problem in marriage.

Student –  

Your good focus and proper study routine can produce great results.



Your ambition, new strategies will make your life more vibrant. Good time to switch job.  

But don’t be arrogant with other people while pursuing your goal. Sudden gains will make you happy. You must try to recover blocked money during this month.    

Home maker –   

Your aggressive approach at home might disappoint family members.

Don’t ignore health issues. Pay immediate attention to it.

Student –  

Try to transfer your energy into study routine.



Expenditure might go out of control. But second half will bring success in professional area.

Unmarried people will get good marriage proposals. You will prosper in partnership venture. Professionals in foreign country will prosper; will get recognition.     

Home maker –

You might have to pay more attention to the kids and increasing expenditure.

Take help of spouse, if required.

Student –  

Good time to complete important assignments. If you stuck with something, get immediate help of experts.



You will have good gains on career front. You might be eligible for promotion.

You might be in mood to spend some good time with close friends. 

Home maker –    

Avoid getting too much emotional. You might have plan repairs at home properly. Discuss home issues with close friends, if required.

Student –  

Don’t be occupied with unnecessary things. If bored, take fresh air.

You must move swiftly.  



Your energetic approach towards career, profession will result in success. Income will increase. You will have good gains during month.

Friends will be helpful; their advice will be fruitful.

Unmarried can get married. If you remain flexible, partnership will blossom.     

Home maker –    

Avoid ego clash; try to make your spouse happy. You can take marital happiness to next level.

Student –  

One of the best months to produce good results. You will be famous due to your positive energy in your circle.  



You are going through sade sati. Proper planning required to cope up with financial challenges.

You can make good improvements at home and in office. You will be awarded for the same.

Some professionals might have opportunity to travel abroad. New doors of opportunity will open. You might plan to switch job.

Some might plan to buy property, new vehicle.

Home maker –     

Pay attention to kids’ health. Things will be good at home front. You can plan good trip with spouse.

Student –   

If you have lot of confusion; better to take advice from experts. Meditate. Take small breaks.



Sade-sati might slow down your progress. Don’t be aggressive with colleagues in office. Just keep going. Don’t expect too much.

You might be benefitted through travelling.

If not sure; don’t take risky decisions in business.

Possibility of sudden gains.

Home maker –    

You might be confused at home front. Just try to maintain peace; no need to apply logic for everything.

Student –  

Good time for students who are in research. Don’t be over ambitious about study routine.



Plan for increasing expenses, unwanted travel and some misunderstanding at home. Have patience.

Your ego might create problem with partner.

Too much expectations might spoil marriage proposal.

You might be down due to stomach related problems such as indigestion. Maintain good diet during month.

Home maker –    

Possibility of ego clash with in-laws; your soothing words might do the trick.

Student –     

Pay attention to health; make flexible study routine.



First half is better to resolve issues at home, office. You will be positive, happy. That would add stability in marriage, career.

First half is good for marriage related things.

You have to be careful during journey.

You might be worried due to sudden health issues (related to sexual organs, urinary system).   

Home maker –  

Talk less, spread happiness at home.

Student –  

It cannot get better than this. Just go for it.


                                         Shubham bhavatu!