April 14, 2019

Mr Narendra Modiji will be PM?

Will Mr. Narendra Modiji win loksabha/parliament election 2019 and become PM again?

He is walking very tough path of Loksabha election 2019, as UPA and allies posing great threat by showing unity which may not last longer.

Even though opponent unity might cause division of votes, showing some impact on BJP to achieve majority. BJP might fall short to achieve that majority. But they will try all options to get to that magical number of majority.

As per his current planetary position, NDA allies and some surprising helping hands would be able to pull majority number. It means BJP must take care of their allies with utmost attention. 

Mr.  Narendra Modiji will be re-lected as Prime Minister of India again.

Shubham Bhavatu!

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