July 22, 2019

Career Counselling through Vedic Astrology

Career Counselling through Vedic Astrology:


June is the month when most of the parents of 10th, 12th students’ eagerly waiting for results. But more than marks obtained, primary concern is what to do after that.


Some parents try to find out their child’s ability, skills to select further education stream using aptitude tests, available almost in all metro cities. But are we sure that whatever we learn is useful and in sync with our core passion? If we miss this, then there is a possibility that job/career contradicts with our educational background. We can see around to find out the answer for the same. Somebody becomes engineer because his parents wanted to, but then he/she chooses something different as career option.


I believe aptitude test is good tool to see student’s ability. But if we want to find out the passion and path ahead, Vedic Astrology really helps.

There are many things we can check using astrology to make better decision for education and career.

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In order to get good insight in our student, following things can be checked in horoscope using Astrology:


  1.   First House: Nature, personality, thought process, will power
  2.   Fifth House: Creativity, Memory efficiency, higher education
  3.   Ninth House: Higher education, Knowledge, good awareness, abroad study chances.
  4.   Tenth house of Karma: defines our career, passion, life, karma


                         Shubham Bhavatu!