July 22, 2019

Vedic Astrology Analysis- Business or Job? (Part I)

Insights based on Vedic Astrology – Business or Job?


It’s one of the most important area of our life. It defines our Karma, life, career. There are few things, shape our life – one is marriage, second one is career and there might be few…

Earlier I shared some information about good marriage/bad marriage and match making issue due to Mangal dosha. Today, let’s talk about career – whether it’s business or job for you. What’s the right choice based on Ancient Vedic Astrology?

If somebody has to choose between business or job, anyway it’s not easy task for most of us. Most people will try business only after trying job several years. People with Uranus and (strong)Venus in 10th house, mostly settles into business after few failures, but they learn lot from those failures, just to become successful. You can reach me at prashnakundali18@gmail.com/+91 7406861303. To read my public reviews about my astrology consultation – https://goo.gl/maps/KSdxFDJuqnf3gfZK7

Even before anything, somebody must have courage to execute plan, people management/communication skill, and luck to give good gain from that business. Third, fifth, seventh, eighth, tenth and eleventh houses are required to be strong and related to other houses/ruling planets to make business successful. Basically at least above three houses/planetary yogas or skills required to be successful businessman.

We will just discuss today about first skill for business, that’s COURAGE. I will share details about other required skills and Planetary Yogas for business/job in subsequent articles.         

COURAGE…. Yes, that’s the one you need to initiate process. Without that no scope for business. Third house in horoscope indicates courage. Strong Saturn or Rahu/Mangal give tremendous courage to the native to fight against all odds. Especially, Saturn in third house works continuously towards goal, it might take some time, native repeats things to become expert and around age of 32 years, generally starts his/her own business. But planets like Venus/Jupiter may not give that courage to native. We will talk about other required skills for business and yogas for business/job in next article.


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