July 22, 2019

Vedic astrology – Mangal Dosha and its impact on marriage

Mangal Dosha and its impact on marriage:


There are many myths associated to Mangal dosha and its effect on marriage. Not all the time person having Mangal dosha suffers bad or delayed married life. Generally, if Mangal occupies 1, 4, 7, 8, 12 position in chart, it might create some unpleasant events in married/family life.


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Mangal aspected by good planets or placement in good nakshatra might reduce the intensity of Mangal dosha and makes it better. But placement in cruel nakshatra and bad yogas with planets like Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Rahu increases intensity of bad events. So Mangal alone cannot create havoc in married life. It depends upon other aspects of chart. In order to predict about marriage/match making, both horoscopes need to be checked.

In order to analyze match making, physical needs and sexual requirement hold much importance in the process of marriage compatibility. I have seen marriage crumbles just because of physical needs of couple not matching properly. Mangal in 1,7,12 house indicates strong sexual desire, if partner does not suit to his desires, there might be severe issues in marriage.  There should be some compatibility between Mangal position in two horoscopes.      

Mangal in 1st House: Due to aggressive behavior and bad temperament, it might create problem in married and family life. But if that person can manage his anger, it might show some descent results.

Mangal in 4th House: Weak Mangal or badly aspected Mangal in 4th house might give some trouble to girl after marriage from in-laws.

7th House: 7th house Mangal may not give happy married life due to bad behavior towards partner. Mangal+Saturn in 7th house show abusive partner. Mangal+Uranus show danger in married life.

8th House: Mangal in this position indicates married life may not last longer due to accident.

12th House: Person having 12th Mangal shows tendency to spend more than income or for unnecessary things. It might impact married life.      

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