March 8, 2020


I am very much surprised by his accuracy, facts matched with his predictions.Very well explained and constructive answers made my all doubts clear. He uses simple language and made me understand by appropriate examples. simple remedies and logical explanations made us positive about future. –– Abhay chaudhari

It may sound that things I’m writing are biased but it’s 100% true.Sandip is friend of my friend in one occasion when it was my struggling period he mentioned that I’ll have everything at my age of 41 yrs. He predicted it in 2003 and exactly at my age of 41 things started changing. I wanted to convey him that his prediction was precise although he was in US but I’ve manage to get his contact details to convey it. I really thank him for his advice and guidance. –– Yatin Bhat

There are astrologers who do this as a profession and others who want to help people. Sandip is the one who wants to help. His predictions have not only been accurate but his delivery of the message has been humanly. and unlike others i have dealt with in the past, he does not get you into rituals.  15 years and he still can predict with such accuracy  . I am amazed. I have used him for self, family and lots of friends. –– Anand Iyer